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Semiotic Sabotages „While younger post-Internet artists juggle new disjunctions of matter, medium and sense, Heinrich Dunst delves directly into the core of their questions.“

Kunst, Heinrich Dunst, Vienna Secession, Austrotherm, Concrete Poetry, Neo Geo, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Heimo Zobernig, Post-Internet Art
Art in America, 07. November 2014

The Exhibition as Laboratory „Visitors are expected to come again and again, and the work is supposed to come into its own. That is a bit like the tortoise and the hare: every time you came back, you are just as far from the finishing line as before.“

Kunst, Pra­xes, Jut­ta Koe­ther, Ge­r­ard Byr­ne
frieze d/e, 26. Februar 2014

Searching for Pakistan „Imran Qureshi’s works conjure up the vulnerability of the body as well as the social membrane. They show identity and safety as fleeting, borrowed, in constant jeopardy, along with the society they stem from.“

Kunst, Reise, Imran Qureshi, Lahore, Pakistan, Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, Venedig-Biennale, Aisha Khalid
Deutsche Bank ArtMag, 17. April 2013

Tendenz: YouTube „The proliferation of images on commercial video platforms has much in common with graffiti and street art, and, for the art business, it seems to hold the promises of reality shock and authenticity associated with those genres.“

Kunst, YouTube, Schirn Kunst­hal­le, Leo Ga­bin, Mat­thi­as Fritsch, Tech­no­Vi­king, Ba­sed in Ber­lin, Ur­he­ber­schaft, Würt­tem­ber­gi­scher Kunst­ver­ein
frieze d/e, 14. Februar 2013

Aesthetics without Resistance „Alfredo Jaar actually erects walls that divide the publics between which he claims to mediate.“

Kunst, Al­fre­do Jaar, Ber­li­ni­sche Ga­le­rie, Neue Ge­sell­schaft für Bil­den­de Kunst, Kunst­ver­ein Arns­berg, Ber­tolt Brecht
frieze d/e, 13. November 2012
adkv - art cologne preis
für kunstkritik 2012

der Akademie der Künste 2018